Meet the Owner

17799452_10155161973766796_517056165766359659_nAbout Lori

Lori’s favorite saying is “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”.  She believes all things have a purpose – humans, life experiences, as well as material items.  We all need a little touch up here and there.  Life is all about improving…  No words can be truer than that.  She finds warmth in vintage and is passionate about unique, old items and giving them new meaning.  She calls it the circle of life.  While she has always loved her job as a paralegal, she found creativity was her therapy.  For many years, she owned a stationery company and enjoyed designing and creating items for her customers.  However, her favorite hobby was thrifting and garbage day!  The thrill of the hunt was to find that old thrown out item and give it a new life!  That’s where it truly all began….  In 2011, her and her BFF rented a booth in a local antique store where they sold their repurposed roadside treasures.  She made a simple inspirational sign out of some old fencing she found on the side of the road and it sold at the shop before it made it to the wall.  At that point, special orders starting coming in.  She found the more positive words she painted, the more she could see life from a different perspective — “the glass is half full”.  It was truly a drug-free therapy for happiness.  This workshop provides a way for all of us to inspire each other – so welcome to Let’s Inspire!

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